Spring forward!

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Owen takes this directive seriously.  When the clocks change and Mom begins to drag him from bed an hour earlier, it unsettles him (I think) and he responds by waking even another hour earlier.

At 5am (formerly known as 4) he can be found in the hallway, in the bathroom, in the kitchen rattling through the recycle bin.


Someone told me once that if I asked “why?” there would always be someone else wondering the same thing, who would be glad I did.  No such thing as a stupid question.  I doubt this.

As the weeks march on into spring, the birds waken earlier, presumably to keep Owen and me company. The mice make noises in the walls that I didn’t hear before – or do they?  Do I imagine it? what IS that sound?  I find myself jumping from the bed covers and standing poised in the darkened hallway about oh 4:30 or so, straining for the sound that woke me.  As if I had become one of the crazy aunts James Thurber writes of in My Life and Hard Times –-  Hark!” 

Luckily Edward sleeps pretty much like one of Thurber’s uncles, rumbling along peacefully under the soothing influence of the sleep apnea machine. Am I waking because Owen is awake?  Are we that psychically connected?  Or am I waking him up – because we are psychically connected??

Are we psychically connected?

 Springing forward with the tweeting birds and chewing mice (squirrels? bats?) and wandering Owen leaves me rattled at this time of year.  Luckily I can and do visit my doctor for some gentle homeopathic remedy to break the cycle of madness.  I will be able to sleep again, and so will Owen.  We will adjust. But – wouldn’t it be easier if we left the clocks alone?

I do seem prone to these sorts of questions.

Instead, our government intervenes, changing the time of Owen’s meals, changing his rising time, his sleeping time, and therefore his body chemistry and digestive patterns.  And, because they cannot understand why it works, it appears they may now prevent our access to the homeopathy, this gentle energy medicine that helps him cope with their intervention, and helps us to cope with him.

Spring forward indeed!