Eating Broccoli on the Moon


I wear the wind.

The wind changes me

from a tense figure

to a galloping gaucho.

The wind quiets

and I am a striding explorer

in the Valley of Many Voices.

I close my ears

and feel the swirling wind

transform me to a lone skater

spinning on a frozen lake.

I eventually fall

into the gentle rocking

of a boat going slowly

down a stream.

The wind crafts the story.

It costumes me and feeds me cues.

I shout into the gales

with joy.

I am moved

by their force.

I am freed

by their fury.

When the air is calm

I sigh

and rebecome


Dustin Duby-Koffman

2019 by Unrestricted Editions, Minneapolis, MN

Author’s Bio:

I am a poet and songwriter who has been communicating with a letter board or keyboard for about five years. I wrote this poem to express my longing to be free of limits. I hope others let loose and experience life in every gale or breeze. I find that writing is a good first step to becoming who you are.

March 28th, 2020


I would be very happy for you to share my poem. I am very glad you like it. I will check out your blog this weekend. I think it’s great that you and Owen have a joint project.

Please tell Owen not to despair. I also came to letter boards quite late. I still get angry when I make a mistake or can’t get my thoughts out as quickly as I’d like. My parents would like to see me type independently, but I freeze at the very idea. I don’t know why, but every new step is scary.

Owen might want to try sessions with Chris Martin for poetry writing. He got me started.



Eating Broccoli on the Moon, is available at or Amazon.

One thought on “Eating Broccoli on the Moon

  1. Kay Hauck April 1, 2020 / 11:59 am

    how wonderful to have this connection! Love the poem, and its title!


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