The Broken Bandaid


I want to start a writing a new blog post.

I was living for three weeks in the worst place i have ever been. It showed me things that I never knew about people.. The people in this place wanted to look nice but they did not act nice. They ignored the poeple they were taking care of. They treated them like they were not valuable or interesting. I had a hard time thinking in an environment where I did not feel that people thought i was able to think. I feel that this home very much should not be allowed to care for people.

I feel sad when i think about the people who are still there. I wish there was something I could do to help them.
[Was there anything good that you feel you learned from having this sad experience?] I think that there is a lot to learn from people who are doing things badly. I hope to be part of the solution.

Home Again

Note: this post is shown as written, titled, and edited by Owen Simons. He chose how the photos should look, helping to design the first one.

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