Crankin’ On


Owen’s family had a really nice Christmas, with some cranky moments. For instance the time Freya and Owen had to crank out the cranberry relish, and neither of them wanted to.1225171349




Sometimes you just have to take life cranberry by cranberry, until you get to the part you relish —


Owen likes cranberry orange relish. But if I had to take a guess, the single thing he relished most this holiday was chocolate. Readers will want to know that Owen did not get into the Christmas stockings this year, (thanks to the baby gate his siblings installed Christmas eve). But he did manage to steal and consume between 5 and 8 bars of chocolate by the time the holiday was finished. And for a person who doesn’t eat and shouldn’t eat chocolate, that’s a LOT.  Luckily, mom kept buying more. A very satisfying Christmas. For all.


Now as we head into the icy blast of 2018, Mom is crankin’ through the second half of her radiation treatments. One day Owen came to help.


It’s a good place. Warm, friendly, well-lit. You can really see what you’re cutting.


The volunteer greeter left her desk (thanks Sally!) to sit with Owen, while his mom went to get her treatment.

It’s a good place.

But even better is to get in the cozy car, and drive home. One more done. Cranberry by cranberry, we’re getting there.



2 thoughts on “Crankin’ On

  1. Naomi G. Smith January 5, 2018 / 5:11 pm

    Another great blog. You do know you have a book here, don’t you?


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